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Cornell Nutritionworks Privacy Statement

Cornell Nutritionworks respects the privacy of our website visitors. We understand that you are concerned about the distribution of personal information over the Internet so this statement explains our procedures for handling your personal and credit card information. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our membership lists will not be sold or given to any other organization, or used for any other purpose outside of Cornell NutritionWorks. When you register as a member, we ask for certain demographic information to ensure that we are reaching our target audience.

Transactions on the Cornell Nutritionworks website are protected by Cornell Business Services. This program provides assurance that our website truly is what it appears to be. In addition, your credit card and billing information is encrypted when it travels through cyberspace to minimize the danger of interception or hacking. All information you provide will remain strictly confidential. We hope that you find our site useful. Your comments are always welcome.