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Improving Access to Healthy Foods in Underserved Communities: The Role of Corner Stores

with Melissa Laska


Dr. Melissa Laska, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota, and a senior research adviser for Healthy Eating Research, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, presents Improving Access to Healthy Foods in Underserved Communities: The Role of Corner Stores.

During this 46-minute audio-visual cyber-presentation, Dr. Laska talks about the inequities in healthy food access across the USA and the important role corner stores can play in this context. She reviews the different phases of the Minnesota Healthy Corner Store Program - a program of the Minneapolis Health Department - and presents results and lessons learned from this project. In addition, Dr. Laska takes a look at how local, in this case the Minneapolis Staple Food Ordinance, and national policies, for example WIC and SNAP, may influence corner store offerings.



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After viewing the presentation you should have:

  • Greater awareness about the difference in availability of healthy food items across the USA.
  • Knowledge about how to best increase healthy food offerings in corner stores.
  • Better understanding about how local and national policy actions can influence healthy food availability in communities.









Date Created: 1/15/15
Last Updated: 9/12/15
Keywords: food access, corner store, health disparities


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