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Course Types


Ask the Nutrition Expert

Offered year round

Opportunity to ask Cornell Nutrition Experts questions on specific topics.



Offered year round

If you can't participate in the live short course, our cyber-presentations give you the opportunity to learn the latest in research-based nutrition practice information from the convenience of your home or office computer. Viewing cyber-presentations is free for all members. Members seeking credits or certificates can take a self-assessment quiz for an additional fee.


In-depth Course

First one scheduled for Fall 2006

Opportunity for nutrition professionals to engage on-line in an in-depth study of current practice issues in community nutrition.


Live Short Course

Offered regularly

Learn the latest in research-based nutrition practice information targeted to community nutrition practitioners. Interact live with speakers and other professionals.


Special Event

A special event such as a festschrift, that has unusual features, such as multiple presentations.



Offered year round

A group of related cyber-presentations.



Offered year round

A collection of tested units with a final test, but one certificate.