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Maternal Mortality: The Epidemiological Perspective

with Kathleen M. Rasmussen


Dr. Kathleen Rasmussen, Professor in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University, presents Maternal Mortality: The Epidemiological Perspective.

During this 60-minute audio-visual cyber-presentation, Dr. Rasmussen focuses on maternal mortality, a serious health problem that has not improved during the past thirty years. After defining maternal mortality and associated health terms, Dr. Rasmussen presents information about pregnancy-related mortality rates in the United States and worldwide.



  • Members who view the cyber-presentation and then complete the Self- Assessment may choose to receive a certificate of completion for 1 continuing professional education unit (CPEU). A $15.00 fee applies, easily payable online.
  • Members who use the Discussion Forum have the ability to network with other professionals interested in this topic.


After viewing the presentation, you should have:

  • Better understanding about how maternal mortality is defined
  • Greater awareness about how the maternal mortality rate in the United States varies by age, education, marital status and race/ethnicity
  • Greater awareness about maternal mortality worldwide and how the rate varies by place of residence, place of delivery, income, and most likely by additional factors seen in the United States









Date Created: 4/10/14
Last Updated: 6/15/15
Keywords: global health, maternal mortality, pregnancy


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